February 24, 2012

Thanks for the Invite NYFW...

New York/Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is over and I wasn’t invited.  I’ve been in a somewhat depressed state for the last week because I missed out on such fun!  Well, hopefully I’ll be invited soon enough.(:  But, since I didn’t have the chance to see all of the fashion firsthand, I’ve been following the whole scene as closely as I can.

Let’s start with the least favorites.  I think the least favorite collection(that I have seen) is Nicolas K’s 2012 Fall Collection.
A model walks the runway at the Nicholas K Fall 2012 show during New York Fashion Week on February 9, 2012 in New York City.
And for favorites?  This one was difficult for me to choose because there were so many, but my favorite is Emerson’s 2012 Fall Collection!
I really like the classic feel this collection has to it.  I love all of the structured dresses, buttons, and collared pieces. The one aspect that really set this off was the black lipstick.  I’m usually not a fan of black lipstick, but the dark lipstick and classic hair really pulled all of these outfits together is an extremely unique way.  To see the full collection, click here.
And, I can’t resist…my favorite model was Coco Rocha walking in the Zac Posen 2012 Fall Collection!
Ms. Rocha is literally the coolest model that has ever walked this planet.  She is so elegant…even with hair that looked like a sword!  Check out her Pinterest, here.
But, even though the models are the spotlight during fashion week, I find that my favorite style is found in the audience(or just the people walking around).  You get all of the people with the best fashion in one city and it’s so interesting!  Every year, people that are “Lookbook famous” are invited to NYFW and they put their outfits on the website.  This is just fantastic because although I can’t physically be in New York, I can get a feel of the awesome street fashion!  Here are my favorites:

1. New York Day Three by Bethany Struble
2. Living in NYC by Bonnie Barton

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Show by Adam Gallagher
Bowtie, American Apparel Shirt, Michael Kors Watch
I still can’t take my eyes off of all things fashion!  So to satisfy myself, I will be listening to this playlist and looking through all of the runway shows.  All hail NYFW!

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