December 31, 2011

2011 Top 10

2011 has been quite a fantastic year and I'm a bit saddened about it ending.  This year I have accomplished and been through many things.  My volleyball team won state, I made a true best friend,  I learned how to use a film camera, I tie dyed for the first time, I got a scar under my eye, I made a blog and a Lookbook(hopefully will become more successful), I won best dressed at my school, I bought most of my clothes from thrift stores, I go into cooking and baking, I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's a countless number of times, I got a fantastic boyfriend, I learned how to telemark ski, I got the camera of my dreams, and much, much more.  This has been my best year so far!  Here are my top 10 in pictures(note: I didn't want to take the time to make all of these pictures pretty so deal)!


Used the Canon Rebel for the first time(my aunt's) and fell in love


Learned how to use Photoshop...thanks long drive!


Went to San Francisco with my grandparents and an amazing friend


My step-dad met Andy Schleck...holy shiznit.


Told someone everything there is to know about me


Drove a boat


Made a best guy friend


Found an amazing blog, and made a blog.


Wore a middle part in public for the first time


Saw City and Colour in concert!


Got a Canon Rebel T3i

And for all my looks of 2011...look at my outfits page!

Happy new year! xx

December 30, 2011

Where is the Snow?!

Turtleneck: secondhand
Shorts: secondhand
Tights: Nordstrom
Booties: thrifted

Today my mom and I went down to the city since there is no snow in town.  It's a lot warmer in the city so it was very pleasant.  We went to the fantastic waffle house that was very rustic and traditional.  I got a vanilla waffle with bananas and Speculoos(a crystalized gingerbread cookie spread imported from Belgium).  Did I say it was fantastic?!  I'm still full and I ate this waffle at 11:30!  After our brunch we went to Macy's and I used that gift card I was talking about.  I got four things for 30 sales ever.  I got some knee high socks, tights, and two pairs of very rad shorts.  Then I had my mama take my Lookbook pictures...she's the best.  Also, I was feeling like I needed to soften my pictures up a bit(inspired by OpiumPoppies) so I found this it!  I tweaked it a bit, but it's pretty much the same.

I absolutely cannot believe that 2011 is almost over!  One day left.  It's been a fantastic year and tomorrow I will sum up my year for anyone who wants to read.  Goodnight all! xx

December 29, 2011

Presents, Photos, Etc.

When Christmas time ends I always get a tad bit depressed.  I don't have an excuse to eat a zillion cookies, I can't listen to Nat "King" Cole's Christmas album, and I can't read Twas The Night Before Christmas.  Just writing this makes me sad.  So, to stay in the Christmas spirit...I'll show you some gifts I got.  If you have been reading my last posts, you know that I was given my "baby" camera.  It is so amazing and it was all that I asked for.  But, I got some smaller gifts from my grandparents because they like to buy me clothes, and some other monstrosities from my wonderful friends.  Here we go...

My baby(: as seen here

A beautiful scarf from Urban Outfitters...given to me by my wonderful boyfriend.

 A lovely poster of my favorite woman of all time...also given to me by my awesome boyfriend.

 Beautiful beaded, stud earrings from my grandma.

 The best stocking stuffers on the face of the ENTIRE EARTH.  Black licorice, gum, wasabi peas, and Kinder biscuits...Mama, you know me too well.

 Assorted chapsticks...I never leave the house without a stick.

 I don't really wear hats because they never look good on me...surprisingly, this one does!  It's also super comfy...from Pistil

 An awesome knit sweater from my grandma!  From Forever 21

 Some gorgeous earrings from my friend Lu...she got them at a local boutique.

And a marvelous maxi skirt from Pais.  She takes some of my Lookbook photos and I was raving about how I love maxi skirts.  I'm so happy she found one(:

Also, I got a $60 gift card to Macy's and a knit headband(which I left at Pais's house yesterday).  I love everything and can't wait to use, wear, or eat all of it!  I love you family and friends(:

Now...onto a different subject(staying on one subject is way to complicated for my brain).  Here are some pictures of my day:

 A late Christmas present for my friend Holly

Being bored in my room and not wanting to help my mom make dinner.

BIG NEWS.  I GOT MY FIRST FOLLOWER TODAY.  I'm so ecstatic...thank you  You da best!

Also...I have really been wanting to make a GIF lately.  So here is my first attempt!  Did I do it right?

Goodnight all! xx

December 26, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas or any other holiday!  Santa brought me my camera that I have been waiting for and it is so purdy.

So I guess I'll give you a little visual representation of my marvelous Christmas!

I woke up to an abundance of presents under the tree and opened my camera around 10 am.  I almost cried.  My mom also made eggs benedict...could the day have gotten any better?

Just the best ornament in the history of ornaments

A few pictures of the fam:

Me and my baby(:

We skied in the "snow" for a few hours and when we got home I couldn't take my hands off of my camera.  I listened to First Aid Kit and played with my baby(camera) for a good three hours.  I did my first solo Lookbook picture and I think it turned out quite well!

and a few more for shits and giggles:

 It makes my eyes look so fancy

 After fiddling with my camera we went to my uncle's house for a scrumptious dinner of venison and roasted vegetables with a chocolate mousse and eggnog dessert.  Fantastic.

Taught my uncle how to smize...Tyra would be proud

One of my best friends made me a lovely Christmas card:

I don't think I could have asked for a better Christmas.  I also still have a whole week off before I have to go back to school! Oh! I also made a Flickr...check it out.

And I already know what I'm asking for next year...

A legitimate box camera!  Yes.  Happy holidays(: xx

P.S. So stoked that I don't have to hear Santa Baby for a whole YEAR. Hallelujah.