December 26, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas or any other holiday!  Santa brought me my camera that I have been waiting for and it is so purdy.

So I guess I'll give you a little visual representation of my marvelous Christmas!

I woke up to an abundance of presents under the tree and opened my camera around 10 am.  I almost cried.  My mom also made eggs benedict...could the day have gotten any better?

Just the best ornament in the history of ornaments

A few pictures of the fam:

Me and my baby(:

We skied in the "snow" for a few hours and when we got home I couldn't take my hands off of my camera.  I listened to First Aid Kit and played with my baby(camera) for a good three hours.  I did my first solo Lookbook picture and I think it turned out quite well!

and a few more for shits and giggles:

 It makes my eyes look so fancy

 After fiddling with my camera we went to my uncle's house for a scrumptious dinner of venison and roasted vegetables with a chocolate mousse and eggnog dessert.  Fantastic.

Taught my uncle how to smize...Tyra would be proud

One of my best friends made me a lovely Christmas card:

I don't think I could have asked for a better Christmas.  I also still have a whole week off before I have to go back to school! Oh! I also made a Flickr...check it out.

And I already know what I'm asking for next year...

A legitimate box camera!  Yes.  Happy holidays(: xx

P.S. So stoked that I don't have to hear Santa Baby for a whole YEAR. Hallelujah.

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