December 29, 2011

Presents, Photos, Etc.

When Christmas time ends I always get a tad bit depressed.  I don't have an excuse to eat a zillion cookies, I can't listen to Nat "King" Cole's Christmas album, and I can't read Twas The Night Before Christmas.  Just writing this makes me sad.  So, to stay in the Christmas spirit...I'll show you some gifts I got.  If you have been reading my last posts, you know that I was given my "baby" camera.  It is so amazing and it was all that I asked for.  But, I got some smaller gifts from my grandparents because they like to buy me clothes, and some other monstrosities from my wonderful friends.  Here we go...

My baby(: as seen here

A beautiful scarf from Urban Outfitters...given to me by my wonderful boyfriend.

 A lovely poster of my favorite woman of all time...also given to me by my awesome boyfriend.

 Beautiful beaded, stud earrings from my grandma.

 The best stocking stuffers on the face of the ENTIRE EARTH.  Black licorice, gum, wasabi peas, and Kinder biscuits...Mama, you know me too well.

 Assorted chapsticks...I never leave the house without a stick.

 I don't really wear hats because they never look good on me...surprisingly, this one does!  It's also super comfy...from Pistil

 An awesome knit sweater from my grandma!  From Forever 21

 Some gorgeous earrings from my friend Lu...she got them at a local boutique.

And a marvelous maxi skirt from Pais.  She takes some of my Lookbook photos and I was raving about how I love maxi skirts.  I'm so happy she found one(:

Also, I got a $60 gift card to Macy's and a knit headband(which I left at Pais's house yesterday).  I love everything and can't wait to use, wear, or eat all of it!  I love you family and friends(:

Now...onto a different subject(staying on one subject is way to complicated for my brain).  Here are some pictures of my day:

 A late Christmas present for my friend Holly

Being bored in my room and not wanting to help my mom make dinner.

BIG NEWS.  I GOT MY FIRST FOLLOWER TODAY.  I'm so ecstatic...thank you  You da best!

Also...I have really been wanting to make a GIF lately.  So here is my first attempt!  Did I do it right?

Goodnight all! xx

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