August 27, 2012

Diy'd Playsuit!

Hey guys!  I'm so sorry I haven't been posting.  I've been adventuring to the max and doing other majestic things.  Such as yesterday, I ventured out to llama fields and made friends with some llamas.  I really want one.  They are so gorgeous.

Anywho, I've also been shopping for back-to-school clothing.  I found some pretty RADICAL pieces but my favorite are(get ready)...........................MY NEW OVERALLS.  Well, they weren't so beautiful when I first got them, but I had faith.  People, always have faith in ugly clothing.

With these new overalls on my hands, I decided they needed some work.  So, I grabbed a Sharpie and some fabric scissors and started cutting away.

Step 1: Buy some overalls(preferably a couple sizes too big so you can roll the shorts).

Step 2: Cut about three inches above the knee.

Step 3: Roll up as much as you desire.


I am absolutely obsessed with these.  I feel like I should frolic in the fields of Terabithia.  I feel five years old, again!  And to fit the mood, I decided to take some pictures in front of my playhouse:

Collared shirt: Cotton On
Overalls & Booties: Thrifted
Socks: Anthropologie

Ahh these pictures just envelop my mood/vibes so well.  So does this Rookie "eye candy".  

So, the moral of the story?  Wear overalls as much as you possibly can.


August 16, 2012

End of Summer Nostalgia, Little Dragon, etc.

It starts a week from yesterday.  Yes, that's right folks, (I don't even want to type it) SCHOOL.  I guess I'm not dreading it as much as I was expecting, but I don't want summer to end!  All of the "summer nostalgia" is coming to me right now and I'm reminiscing on wonderful summery thoughts.  Damn, I sound so melodramatic right now.  But hey, it's so darn true.

So, I have been putting all of these thoughts to use.  During times of nostalgic thinking, I make collages.  I guess it how I articulate my thoughts into something a little more organized.  Although, I wouldn't describe a collage as being organized.  At least not mine:

As you can see, this is a jumbled mess of floral-pastel-overexposedness.  I'm obsessed with anything and everything floral at the moment.  Anything that makes me feel like a butterfly makes me happy.  My back to school shopping list?

1. Floral Keds
2. New backpack

If you're confused as of what I am talking about, take a looksie: 

Tavi Gevinson
Photo by: Petra Collins
Elle Ribera
Ebba Zingmark
Nadja Seale

Also, this band makes me so happy.  Little Dragon, everyone.

 Yukimi Nagano has such a dreamy, funky, unique voice.  Whenever I listen to one of their songs, I get up and dance.  Especially this one:

I think I will listen to all of their songs before I head to school.


P.S. Back to school shopping later today! Wooooohooo.

August 10, 2012

Sheer Ruffles

Dress: Kelyna
Sandals: Texto

And here's the last of my Europen travels.  Barcelona, Spain everyone!

Here I am in all of my new European garb.  I got this dress at a little boutique in a lovely village called Foix.  It's a beautiful coral color and the ruffles just make my life.  I've never really thought I was a ruffles kind of person, but hey, there's a first time for everything!  I love this dress so much.  Oh, did I mention it feels as if I'm wearing jammies?  I'm all for comfort, my friends.  I can't stand uncomfortable clothes.  I don't know how people do it!  I also love these sandals so much.  Thank god I got some new ones, my others fell apart and I had to throw them away ): .

I also found that the street fashion in Spain is a hell of a lot better than in Paris.  I didn't take too many pictures of awesome people because my parents were on a mission to see everything in the one and a half days we were there.  The best part was that everyone dressed exactly how they wanted to.  You can see everything from the worst fashion possible to the most glamorous people ever.  I would die to have lovely Spanish skin/hair.  Ahhh they are all so gorgeous. Well, maybe not this one:

I miss and love you so much, Europe!  Can't wait to come back.

P.S. All my pictures are up on Flickr!!

August 9, 2012

Whimsical Cathedral

Top: H&M
Shorts: Thrifted
Sandals: Texto

As I am typing this back at home in the U.S. of A. we can pretend I'm still in Girona.  I'm so bad at this whole 'keep up with the blog/tumblr/flickr' shenanigans.  As you can see, I'm standing in front of a cathedral.  Yeah folks, that's right, a cathedral.  If I learned something in Europe it's that there are myriad cathedrals.

Anyway, I've been holding off to wear this shirt in a Lookbook picture because I needed to find a fabulous background.  I think this one was perfect.  Thanks to my mama, these pictures turned out extremely well!

I got this shirt at H&M and it's definitely my favorite thing I have bought from the store.  It's the PERFECT summer shirt.  Light, sheer, and best of all...COLLARED.  I'm so happy I found a lovely collar.  The lace is gorgeous and whenever I wear it, I catch myself looking down at my collar giving myself a wonderful double chin.  So classy of me, right?

I've worn these shorts in other outfits and I will definitely be wearing them in future outfits.  They are so comfortable AND pretty.  What girl could ask for more?  These shoes are from Texto and I got them for over half off at the national "Soldes".  For a clothes-aholic like me, this was the perfect time to go to Europe.  Everything is on sale.  Well, most everything!

I absolutely loved Girona.  The medieval city was gorgeous and cultured.  Also, if you ever go to Girona(or anywhere somewhat near it) you MUST go to the Museu del Cinema.  It's by far the best museum I've ever been to.  I even got to see the original Tootsie dress!  Being the camera/film junkie that I am, it was pretty much like heaven.

Want some pictures?:

P.S. I've been procrastinating with Flickr as well.  Bear with me here my friends.
P.P.S. Is everyone watching the Olympics?!

July 31, 2012

Pretty in Puivert

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Thrifted
All pictures taken by my mamasita!!

Again, this outfit was from a few days ago.  Posting is not really on my mind while I'm in Europe!  Anyway, the sunflowers are absolutely stunning at the moment and I couldn't resist taking cliché pictures in the beautiful things!  This whimsical is yet another thrifted treasure.  It's so airy and light, but I always twist myself around in it.  But, that's probably just me.  I'm absolutely obsessed with the shirt and I want another one like it.

The sunflowers made me feel so lovely.  I felt like a little girl frolicking around the fields.  Kinda like Alice in Wonderland!!  I wish I had fields of sunflowers at home.  I think if I did, I would make little huts all around and venture from one to the other from day to day.  I would stay there all summer and never leave.  I would have fairy dust in every nook and cranny....okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here!

If you are wondering where I am at this very moment because you are SO interested in my travels, I am in Girona, Spain.  I was in Andorra the last two days and we just arrived to Girona yesterday afternoon.  I absolutely love it here.  It's calm, safe, and all the people are so friendly.  Well, I'm going to go venture and take heaps of pictures(who knows how long until they're on the Internet...).  


P.S. Please remember to check out my Flickr!!

July 26, 2012

La Cité

Top: Camaïeu
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Ray-Ban

This was my “Frenchie outfit” for a day in Carcassonne.  We went to the medieval city called La Cité.  I got this shirt in Chartres at a chain store called Camaïeu.  It was like a scaled down Forever 21/H&M.  By the way, if you’re in France at the moment, YOU NEED TO SHOP. The “soldes” are going on, so everything is much cheaper than usual.  This shirt was 24 euros originally and I got it for seven euro.  That’s what’s up.

Anyway, I’m still sorry for not posting much.  It’s a mixture of having no time to be doing such tasks and laziness.  So, as you can imagine, this outfit was from several days ago.  I’m kind of loathing myself for not taking more Lookbook pictures with all the beautiful scenery.  But, I haven’t, so there’s nothing I can do about it!  Here are some pictures from Carcassonne:

I also saw this girl in La Cité:

I oogled at her for a long time.  God, how can some people be so cool!  I want all of her everything.

While in Carcassonne, we saw Duran Duran.  I was definitely laughing the whole time and eagerly waiting for Notorious.  When they played it, I got up and tried to do the Donnie Darko Sparkle Motion dance(which I can’t find ANYWHERE on Youtube).  My parents were having the time of their lives and it was so fantastic.

I am in a small village at the moment and am going to take some pictures of the beautiful sunflowers!  Au revoir.


P.S. Remember to check out my Flickr!!

July 23, 2012

3 Days in Paris!

As I type this lovely(well, that’s your call) post, I am sitting on a train on my way to Toulouse, France.  That’s right folks.  I’m in France!  I know I already told you, but I need to reinforce it into y’all’s brains.  If you were wondering why I haven’t been posting at all for a few days, it’s because the Internet connection is as slow as a snail.  Hmmm, possibly even slower than that, because snails actually move.  Let’s just say the Internet sucks...a lot.
Anyway, I’ve been in France for about three and a half days.  We stayed in Paris for four nights, but went to Chartres yesterday day.
Day 1:
 I was a zombie but managed to see Notre Dame.  Also, we met some friends(from America) and had lots and lots of fun.

We all went on possibly the most tourist-y boat ride on the Seine.  Yet, it was extremely fun.  We met a group of about 50 Finnish girls.  They had just come from London where they were practicing English.  All of the girls were hilarious and so crazy.  By the way, Finnish is the coolest language I’ve ever heard.

After that fiasco, my parents and I lurped back to our hotel room and about fell down from our tiredness.

Day 2:

We woke up to a lovely breakfast of croissants, coffee, bread, and grapefruit juice.  Our hotel was possibly the cutest place ever.  The outside was painted almost Chanel pink.  It was so splendid and adorable.

Then, we headed over to the Bastille to go to a market.  It was alright, but most of the stuff was made in China.  I do have to say, WONDERFUL people watching.  Also, the vendors were all so great.  Everyone we bought something from either: 1) said, “tre belle” or 2) serenaded me.  Their fruit was quite fantastic as well.

After the market, we got crêpes at a café.  By the way, if by the end of this trip I’m fat...will you please still love me?

We went to the Invalides (where Napolen’s tomb is) and it was stunning.  All of the murals are outstanding.  I can’t even fathom how long they took.

We then made our way to the Eiffel tower.  And I did these Lookbook pictures:
Dress: Thrifted

Let’s take a break from France and talk about this awesome combo of dress + shoes.  I got this dress from the Salvation Army for $10.  At first, I looked a bit like a pioneer because it flowed down to my ankles.  But, I had faith in it!  My mom hemmed it, and now it’s my favorite dress in the closet.  These shoes are from Palladium Boots.  I saw the (exact) same ones on Elle Ribera’s Lookbook, and decided I needed them.  So far, I have not been disappointed.  They are the most comfortable/adorable pair of shoes I own.  Fashion + function always equals perfection.  So Elle, thanks for wearing these!  Love.

Back to France talk...

I was thoroughly unimpressed with the Eiffel tower.  Don’t hate me, it’s just my opinion.  I didn’t see much of a point in seeing it, because it looks the exact same in pictures.  Eh.

More pictures of day two:

Although most of the stuff we did on day two was about as tourist-y as it gets, I was super duper inspired by all the simple French fashion.  All the stripes and summery colors are heaven to me.

Day 3:
Day three was cold and cloudy.  So, I decided not to look so nice.  Comfort was the option of choice.
We went to the catacombes which was totally worth the two hour wait.  It was so eerily delightful!

After seeing all of the skulls, I want some awesome tights with skulls on them!  Ahh sounds so wonderful.  

We went over to Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge.  Sacre Coeur was beautiful, but the surrounding area was carny-er than Venice beach.  Good god.  Moulin Rouge was pretty awesome.  We went into a massive sex shop and I’ve seen enough dildos for a lifetime.

We went to the Arc de Triomphe which was beautiful as well.  We ended up not going to the top because I could hardly walk.  Jet lag kills.  

As we were walking back to our hotel, we stopped at the Musée d'Art Moderne(The MOMA) and saw a super rad exhibit by Robert Crumb.  All of his comics were wonderfully disgusting.  When we finished looking at that, we walked though a skate park type area and I saw two girls sitting down.

I instantly stared at the girl on the left.  Her outfit was so great!  Those glasses mixed with the sheer white top and the braid were such a perfect combination.  I think I need longer hair.

Yesterday, we went to Chartres to watch the Tour de France.  My family is obsessed with anything related to bikes.  If you know anything about the tour, you know that Andy Schleck isn’t racing this year.  Although watching the tour was amazing in person, I was depressed Andy wasn’t there.  Did I mention I’m obsessed with the guy?

Although I’m not usually extremely critical, my opinion on Paris was marginal.  I think it’s melancholy and dirty.  I didn’t like it so much.  As for Chartres, I LOVED it.  Now, off to Carcasonne!


P.S. There are going to be so many more pictures on my Flickr.  Like, a ton more.