May 30, 2012

Bon Iver!

Last night was the best night of my life.  I went to Bon Iver.  I went with my friend Kate and her broseph.  We got some bread and cheese, so I would say we were outrageously civilized.  

The Staves opened up for him, and their accents were fantastic!  They reminded me of First Aid Kit quite a lot.

Bon Iver took forever to come onstage, but it was completely worth the wait.  He opened with Perth:

It was entrancing and gave me goosebumps.  The show progressed and every single song was amazing.  I had goosebumps every second (and not because it was cold).  They went off stage after playing Beth/Rest.  I was so disappointed that they didn't play The Wolves Act I/Act II!  But, they all walked on after a few minutes and played it!  Oh my god, I cried the whole way through.  It was the most amazing experience ever. Here's the version from Coachella this year:

I've decided that I may as well die right now, because I'll never experience something as amazing as last night.  I love you so much Justin Vernon.  So much.

And here are the pictaaas!:

Sorry about the bluriness.  But hey, It's Bon Iver!


May 28, 2012


I got my tragus pierced at Koi a couple days ago!  It didn't even hurt at all.  I love it so much(:


aka. Game face music.

May 27, 2012

A Venice Beach Stroll

Shirt: Thrifted
Shorts: Macy's
Shoes: Aldo
I was over at Venice beach last week and decided to wear my rad shorts...which you may have seen here.  These shorts are probably the coolest shorts I have ever laid my eyes on(and they're comfy!).  I usually get lots of interesting stares when I wear these babies, but in Venice Beach, I'm quite "normal".

Before we went to the beach, my step-dad wanted to go to the start of the last stage of the Tour of California.  It started on Rodeo Drive, and it was actually really cool!  I'm not usually the largest fan of watching biking(unless Andy Schleck is there) but this ended up being super rad.

The Pillars.
And now for Venice Beach...
Too rad for words!

Oh no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue.


P.S. ...I had to.

May 25, 2012

Ed Tullet

Everyone needs to listen to this guy!  His name is Ed Tullett, and he is absolutely outstanding.  You can download his album (for free!) here.  Listen until your ears fall off because you won't regret it!

WARNING: His voice is extremely addicting.  But please, become an Ed Tullett addict.  I already am.

Happy Friday!


May 22, 2012

An Extravagant Time

Dress: Rachel Roy
Kimono: Cotton On
Shoes: Thrifted

 This last weekend, I went to Los Angeles for my cousin's wedding.  To say the least, it was absolutely stunning.  Everything from the flowers to the food was perfect.  I haven't seen my cousins in a long time, so it was extremely fun as well!

I got this dress a while ago, but I've been holding out on wearing it!  I finally got to wear it, and it was spectacular!  The dress paired with the kimono and heels was top notch.  I'm not usually a "ruffles" type of girl, but these were an exception.  Also, I'm not necessarily one to wear heels.  Considering I'm 5'9'', I don't really need them.  But when I have the chance to wear 'em, I slap those babies on my toesies

Enough about the outfit...let your eyes feast on the beauty of this event:
I have to make a little shout out to this terrific woman.  This is my Grandma.  She is 93 years old and still flies by herself.  She flew all the way to L.A. from Utah.  She is astounding, and I cannot get enough of her.

Lovely time.


May 21, 2012

Tan Lines

 Tank Top: H&M
Skirt: Tart
Jewelry: Local shops
Glasses: Paisley's
Oddly enough, these pictures are seeming to work!  Hey, what can I say?  The Internet is a crazy thing.  Anyway, this outfit was from about a week ago.  It is consistently starting to warm up, and I am so so SO excited to keep wearing tank tops!  But, these tan lines have got to go..pretty unsightly if I say so myself.

This beautiful feather necklace was given to me by my friend Megan.  She has one like it as well and we call them our "bosom feathers".  Nice name I must say!  Instead of Twitches(if you have ever seen the movie), we are "Bitches"...a better name for sure.

I can't get enough of this skirt either.  Paisley knows me all too well!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention....I HAVE TICKES TO BON IVER NEXT WEEK.  Yes, be jealous.  I cannot contain my excitement even a tad bit!


So Sorry!

I am so sorry, I'm trying to get my blog all worked out!  I am taking a quick break, but there will be some pictures on my Lookbook for sure!  I'm so sorry if you are looking for more of my posts.

May 9, 2012

Striped Chums

Pantsuit: Forever 21
Glasses: Secondhand
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
It has been yet another blue-bird day!  I finally got the chance to wear this rad pantsuit that I bought at Forever 21 in San Francisco.  The only downside?'s not quiiite tall enough for me.  How could I make that mistake?!  Although it doesn't fit me perfectly, it was a blast to wear.  I had beachy-boho vibes all day long.

Now, I guess I need to explain the Chums.  Or Chanchos, as I like to call them.  If you don't know what Chums are, they are those beautiful straps attached to my sunglasses.  My friend Paisley stole some of her dad's quite some time ago, and I decided I needed a pair as well.  My step-dad had a collection of these bad boys, so I stole them from him!  Turns out, they help my glasses stay in place AND they will never fall off.  Such an innovative invention.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
P.S. I'm starting a song of the day collection...I love Radical Face.