May 2, 2012

Oxfords, MC Hammer, and Linus

This weekend I stayed with my beloved friend, Paisley.  On Saturday we went to the Cristian Center(a rad thrift store in town) and we hit the gold mine!  I found some men's oxfords, a MC Hammer album, a Secret Machines album, and a Porno for Pyros album.  The best part?  EVERYTHING WAS $1.  Yeah...that's right.

Anyway, I really wanted to write this post about how we made these shoes look not so "business-esque", if you will.  I found this little tutorial on E-how, but I tweaked it ever so slightly.  Basically, we took the shoes and stuffed them with newspaper.  After we did that, we put a tennis ball inside of an old sock and beat them shoesies!  After having fun with the tennis ball, we wrapped the top of a hammer in an old rag.  We beat those shoes to oblivion.  We decided that wasn't enough, so Paisley started throwing them on the concrete.  So, if you ever want to distress leather and have fun while doing exactly what we did.  Too much fun!
When we finished beating up those babies, I couldn't not slap them on my feet!  Here is what happened:
While we were taking these pictures, a cat creeped up out of nowhere.  You can hate me for saying this, but I usually despise cats.  They scratch me all too much and poop everywhere.  Anywho, this cat was super adorable and snuggled with me.  Paisley and I decided to name him Sir Linus Felinus Sigurd III.  Quite the name I must say.  Also, he was extremely majestic.
Then, since Paisley and I had been by ourselves all day(poor us), we called our friend Adam.  He's pretty much the coolest ever.  We went to a frozen yogurt shop and played UNO.  Then, we went to the grocery and had a pretzel eating contest.
I must say, the summer vibes are hitting me hard!  I can't wait for school to be over and summer to officially start.  Maybe I should make a moodboard?  Yes, good idea!
P.S. You have to listen to this.

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