May 3, 2012

My Summer Moodboard

Clockwise from left:
1. Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, 2. Chanel Boots: Pinterest, 3. Girl with Undercut: Tumblr, 4. Brunette Girl theyallhateus,  5. High/Low Skirt: Forever 21, 6. Kurt Cobain Tank: Etsy, 7. Mustache Earrings: Etsy, 8. Girle-Olivia Harrison: Lookbook, 9. Pinhole Camera Lens: Photojojo, 10. Overalls: Tumblr, 11. Red Hair: weheartit, 12. Studded Shorts: Urban Outfitters
It's official, I have 
 summer fever.  I have lost all interest in anything school related and have no motivation whatsoever.  To get me even more unmotivated for the rest of this school year, I have made a "moodboard"!  If you don't know what a moodboard is, it's a collage of all things you feel are "your mood" for a certain season, day, month, anything!
This summer, I'm feeling like lots of denim will be incorporated into my wardrobe.  Olivia Harrison'slook(number eight) are all of my summer vibes wrapped up in one picture.  Also, I'm hoping to acquire a number of tank tops with rad pictures printed on them.  I have found that Pleiadeshop on Etsy is the place to look for such monstrosities.  I found such fantastic shirts of Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and many, many more.  I'm also feeling like I am in dire need for a pair of overalls.  Especially some with a kind of light-wash, distressed feel.  I always wore overalls when I was a young one and now I think it's time they make a comeback on me!
Also, I have a (secret) love for undercuts.  I doubt I could ever pull one off, but I like thinking I could.  The undercut + short hair + Ray Bans=perfection.  I'm not exactly sure why I put that on my moodboard, but I guess it's just part of my "summer vibes", if you will.  I'm not planning on cutting my hair like her's this summer, but maybe some day!
I think the product I would be most excited on this board, though, isn't fashion-related whatsoever.  It's this rad pinhole lens cap/lens.  Instead of making a pinhole camera and developing photograph paper, I could just snap this handy-dandy device on my camera, and voilá, pinhole photography right turr!
There you have it, my vibes all wrapped up in one little collage.  And that's just the start!  Needless to say, I have no more patience for summer.  Please, PLEASE come faster!

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