August 9, 2012

Whimsical Cathedral

Top: H&M
Shorts: Thrifted
Sandals: Texto

As I am typing this back at home in the U.S. of A. we can pretend I'm still in Girona.  I'm so bad at this whole 'keep up with the blog/tumblr/flickr' shenanigans.  As you can see, I'm standing in front of a cathedral.  Yeah folks, that's right, a cathedral.  If I learned something in Europe it's that there are myriad cathedrals.

Anyway, I've been holding off to wear this shirt in a Lookbook picture because I needed to find a fabulous background.  I think this one was perfect.  Thanks to my mama, these pictures turned out extremely well!

I got this shirt at H&M and it's definitely my favorite thing I have bought from the store.  It's the PERFECT summer shirt.  Light, sheer, and best of all...COLLARED.  I'm so happy I found a lovely collar.  The lace is gorgeous and whenever I wear it, I catch myself looking down at my collar giving myself a wonderful double chin.  So classy of me, right?

I've worn these shorts in other outfits and I will definitely be wearing them in future outfits.  They are so comfortable AND pretty.  What girl could ask for more?  These shoes are from Texto and I got them for over half off at the national "Soldes".  For a clothes-aholic like me, this was the perfect time to go to Europe.  Everything is on sale.  Well, most everything!

I absolutely loved Girona.  The medieval city was gorgeous and cultured.  Also, if you ever go to Girona(or anywhere somewhat near it) you MUST go to the Museu del Cinema.  It's by far the best museum I've ever been to.  I even got to see the original Tootsie dress!  Being the camera/film junkie that I am, it was pretty much like heaven.

Want some pictures?:

P.S. I've been procrastinating with Flickr as well.  Bear with me here my friends.
P.P.S. Is everyone watching the Olympics?!

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