July 31, 2012

Pretty in Puivert

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Thrifted
All pictures taken by my mamasita!!

Again, this outfit was from a few days ago.  Posting is not really on my mind while I'm in Europe!  Anyway, the sunflowers are absolutely stunning at the moment and I couldn't resist taking cliché pictures in the beautiful things!  This whimsical is yet another thrifted treasure.  It's so airy and light, but I always twist myself around in it.  But, that's probably just me.  I'm absolutely obsessed with the shirt and I want another one like it.

The sunflowers made me feel so lovely.  I felt like a little girl frolicking around the fields.  Kinda like Alice in Wonderland!!  I wish I had fields of sunflowers at home.  I think if I did, I would make little huts all around and venture from one to the other from day to day.  I would stay there all summer and never leave.  I would have fairy dust in every nook and cranny....okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here!

If you are wondering where I am at this very moment because you are SO interested in my travels, I am in Girona, Spain.  I was in Andorra the last two days and we just arrived to Girona yesterday afternoon.  I absolutely love it here.  It's calm, safe, and all the people are so friendly.  Well, I'm going to go venture and take heaps of pictures(who knows how long until they're on the Internet...).  


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  1. you look beautiful, love this top!:)
    have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos! Following you! =)