July 13, 2012

Newest Love: Suzy Bishop

I SAW MOONRISE KINGDOM THE OTHER DAY.  Oh my god it was, as my friend Megan said, "Moonrise Kingdom was the most lovely piece of cinema I have ever seen. To give you an idea, it was even better than Bon Iver wrapping you in his licorice and pine-smelling flannel, filling your bicycle basket with mason jars of fireflies, navajo blankets, watercolors and nectarine tarts, and then flippin taking you to a cabin in the mountains to look at perfect spiderwebs,".  I couldn't think of a better description of the movie.  So, if you haven't seen it, GO. NOW.

This movie is set in 1965 on a little island called New Penzance.  One of the main character's name is Suzy Bishop, and she is excellent.  She wears a little collared dress with binoculars slung around her neck, white knee-highs, oxfords, and garishly blue eyeshadow.  Her hair is always pinned back and beautifully curled.  And her stern looks makes everything amazing.  She is absolutely perfect.

She is my newest love(as said in the title).  Suzy is a troubled child who absolutely despises her family. She reads fantasy novels and dreams of a new life.  So, when she meets Sam she ends up running away with him.  She steals her brother, Lionel's, battery operated record player which is so pretty.  Suzy is such a badass when she stabs a boy scout with her "lefty scissors".  It's just so, so rad!

This whole movie is my style icon.  The coloring is all yellow-y and aged.  The scenery is nature-y and blue.  And the characters are quirky and terrific.  I could take ANY still from the movie and hang it up on my wall.  Wes Anderson is such an amazing person, his movies are beautiful.  

So, if for SOME reason you absolutely cannot see this move, please go to the website.  It will give you a taste of the beauty of the entire movie.  I want to be just like Suzy Bishop when I grow up.

~ "I want to go on adventures I think; not get stuck in one place," ~Suzy Bishop


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