October 28, 2011

Just Another Fashion Blog...

So, I have had a Tumblr for quite a while.  But, I have decided I needed to make a "real" blog.  I will be writing about fashion, photography, and everything else in between.  I guess you could describe me as your average high-schooler who wants to escape every day life for a little while.  And I have decided to make that happen by writing, photographing, and reviewing things I love.  This blog might (will) be rough around the edges for the first little bit, but I hope everything will be easy to figure out.  I guess you could call me "internetly challenged".  If anyone is out there reading this, I hope you enjoy.  Tell me what you like, tell me what you think I should do.  I am up for anything that critiques my work.  I now bid you adieu and wish me the best of luck! xx

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