January 22, 2012

Good Ol' Fashioned Fun

Now that The Festival is in full swing, I have been heading up to main street for the last two days to make fun of tourists and people watch.  Don't tell me it's rude, because you do it too.  I must say, living in a resort town has an overabundance of perks, but it also comes with downsides.  For instance, no one knows how to drive in the snow.  There were a good seven car crashes today, one of which I witnessed. I mean it's called tourist season, so why can't we shoot 'em?

Anyway, today I went up to main street with my friends Ellie and Lu.  We pretty much froze our little tushies off, but it was all worth it.  And why?...because of the guy you saw in the last two pictures.  No, we did not know him.  I guess when I was taking my Lookbook picture, this guy saw us.  So, he came up to us and started posing with us.  It was quite fantastic.  And this is why I love my town(and even the tourists at times).  There is a week of craziness left, and I am hoping to go up to main street at least one more time.  Maybe I'll see a couple celebrities?

 Lookin' like legit press?  Yeah, I thought so too.


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