January 22, 2012

It's Finally Winter!

Hat: Local Shop
Jacket: Nordstrom
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Shorts: Forever 21
Tights: Nordstrom
Boots: Nordstrom

The wait is over.  There is finally some snow on the ground, and I couldn't be more ecstatic! I decided I didn't want to sacrifice warmth today so I wore a wool turtleneck, two pairs of tights, and ski socks.  And no, my feet did NOT stay dry.  When I got home I couldn't feel my feet at all and my shoes were sopping wet.  Not the best feeling in the world by any means!  Thank god I wore that sweater.

Goodnight all! xx


  1. I adore your shorts, gorgeous colour! You're so lucky to have snow, I'm super jealous <3

    1. thank you! and I'm so happy(: I love your style xx

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Elina! You're goregous...I really like your blog xx