January 8, 2012

Saturday Evening Stroll

And this is what I did this afternoon...

 Sorry about the out-of-focus-ness...I have no patience and didn't want to pose for any more pictures.  Quite typical of moi.

Turtleneck: Secondhand
Belt: Secondhand
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Nordstrom

And my fail at making a DIY filter for my camera...well darn:

I know my walls are absolutely horrendous so there is no need to make fun.  Also...I pretty much sat around, watched YouTube videos, and ate with my friend Adam today.  I watched this video about five times.  Every single thing in this video is true...EVERYTHING.  We took down our Christmas tree today.  It's always such a sad thing to do.  But to make it up, Adam, Pais, and I made risotto, salad, and homemade molten lava cake for dinner.  I ate so much today, I might just blow up.

Goodnight all! xx

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