April 10, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls.

I have to dedicate a post to the wonderful Christopher Owens.  He is the lead guitarist and vocalist in the band Girls.  Although I was only(really) introduced to them about a month ago, I would say I'm a pretty big fan.  I can't stop listening to their music/watching videos of the fantastic Mr. Owens.  His voice is so intoxicatingly rich and unique.  He seems like such a real person.  He also reminds me a bit of Kurt Cobain, so I automatically loved him.


Yah see what I mean?!  I saw Girls in concert about a month ago, and they were outstanding.  Owens walked out on stage with high-waisted red corduroy pants, a San Francisco tourist t-shirt, and white Doc Martens.  Looking at pictures, I've realized his style is more than fabulous!
His guitar and voice were entrancing throughout the entire show and my friends and I even got to meet him afterwards.  The only thing that made me sad was his sunken in face and his inability to show all that much emotion.  It's not just me either..my friends and I were so sad that he looked so drugged.  One of my friends ever said "I just want to kidnap him, take him into the forest for three months, and feed him nothing but hearty fruits and vegetables!".

I was looking at photos/videos of Owens from just a year ago and I can't believe how good he looked.  He could actually talk, and didn't look so blank all the time.  He's such a talented soul, and it would just kill me to see him throw his life away.  So if you're reading this Christopher Owens, please stop all of your drug use!

On a different note, I'm going to San Fran tomorrow!  I'll just keep listening to Girls to get even more stoked.  By the way..I'll be on the lookout for you Chris.  In the meantime, grace yourself with my favorite song:


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