April 15, 2012

San Francisco: Day 1

I’m going to break this post up into two because one post will be too long and possibly bore you to death.  Let’s get one thing straight: San Francisco is where I belong.

We started out our first day with the breakfast of champions: Crêpes.

My parents and I got up bright and early to conquer the day with vigor.  We walked to Fisheman’s Wharf(I know, super touristy) and rented bikes(once again...super touristy).

As we were walking, we passed a club called Club Bimbo and guess who was playing...GIRLS.  What a coincidence right?  I mean San Francisco is their home base, they are on tour, AND they just happened to be in The City on that exact night.  The only drawback was that I didn’t get to see them...):.

We biked across the Golden Gate bridge(yes, touristy once again), and then headed on up to Haight Ashbury.  Let me tell you, that place blew me away.  It is the most eclectic place I’ve ever been.  There are music stores, smoke shops, vintage stores, cafés, and little boutiques.  I guess that makes sense though, considering it is hippy-haven.  I went to Amoeba Music which is the raddest record store I’ve ever encountered.  You could literally find any band there ever was at that place.  I also went into a couple sweet vintage stores.  I didn’t get anything..all way too expensive.

My beautiful mama.
After Haight St. we went to the Ferry Building which is chalk full with local artisan food vendors.  Coffee and gelato is where it’s at.  We left the Ferry Building after stuffing ourselves and walked back to Union Square, which is where we stayed.  As we were walking, we stopped and found this tiny park.  I ventured into it and I felt absolutely weightless.  I felt a wave of serenity wash over me.  I looked over the bay and I couldn’t help but smile.  This park was a little place of peace and quiet.  I could only hear the breeze and school kids singing below.  It was outstanding.  That is the moment when I knew San Francisco was my home.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.
And this is where I fell in love...
Beautiful San Francisco

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