April 23, 2012

Peace, Harmony, & Earth Day

Shirt: Lucky Brand Jeans
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Well, yesterday was Earth day and I decided this "Peace Harmony" was extremely appropriate for the occasion.  But, I do have to confess...I went graffitting yesterday.  I'm probably going to hell since I sprayed aerosols into the atmosphere, but it was all for the good of my friend Megan.  To keep it succinct, this kid asked my friend Megan to prom by recruiting the band into the cafeteria.  They played a song, and he played a solo on his saxophone.  After all of this hubbub, he held up a poster saying "Megan..Prom?".  Yes, this was in front of the whole school!

To say yes to this sweet boy, Megan recruited quite a lot of people to paint a mural.  It was an absolute blast, but I did feel a little bit bad since it was Earth day.  After all of these shenanegins, my friend Paisley and I played some frisbee with lots of other random people.  This weekend was amazing since it was 70˚+ every day.  I. Need. Sumer.

My gorgeous(?) artwork
Don't spray paint your body...it burns.
My friends are kind of cool. 
I hope you all had a great Earth Day!

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