June 19, 2012

All Zipped Up

All pictures take by Adam!  They were taken atop a dilapidated water tower.  Not too safe I must presume...

Shirt & booties: Thrifted
Velvet skirt: Secondhand

I always get laughed at when I wear this shirt because people say, "Hey Quinn, that's some pretty easy access,".  And I say back to them, "Hey now! This is an industrial zipper, there ain't nothing easy about it,".  It's one of my favorite shirts, and the added zipper makes it all that much better.  I would have to say industrial zippers are one of my favorite ways to unique-ify a piece.  

I am completely obsessed with this skirt! As I was scuffling around my mama's closet, I stumbled upon this beauty.  The color reminds me of a wine connoisseur, sipping on a glass of merlot.  Okay, maybe not exactly like that.  It actually reminds me of wearing my little velvet Christmas dress as a little girl, kind of like this one:

I think I need more velvet in my wardrobe.  Olivia Harrison's new look inspires me so much!

Her soft velvet with badass heals make me want to jam out to a Silver by Nirvana.

I'm also inspired by Elle's "Sequin Collar & Velvet Circle Skirt" look:

The lace top+velvet skirt=perfection!  Speaking of Elle, I just ordered some new Palladium shoes.  The same ones she is wearing in this look:

I don't think you understand how insanely stoked on life I am right now.  These shoes are going to be the best!