June 13, 2012


All photos by Adam.

Shirt: Cotton On
Skirt: Tart
Headpiece: Found on the side of a street...

There is such a story behind this post name.  It's referencing that thingamabob on my noggin.  Anywho, I was walking home with Adam a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon this lovely treasure.  Being myself, I stopped in my tracks, picked up this beauty, and popped it upon my head.  Let's say I received more than a few strange looks from people.  Also, yes, I do know this is a wreath.

I'm becoming so inspired by all of the blooming angiosperms.  The leaves are so green and the sun shines through them perfectly! I love summer so much.  And I'm just loving all the colors that are everywhere.  My inspiration?...

  Marc Jacobs "Daisy" ads:
Tavi Gevinson:

Purple pansies:

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P.S. I'm convinced I look like a deer in picture number five.  Tell me if I'm wrong, but I am completely convinced.  


  1. Love these photos so much! I'm also a fan of Tavi and Juergen Teller.

    1. Thank you!! I believe we have identical tastes! Love(: xx/Quinn