June 5, 2012

Pride 2012!

Blouse & Shorts: Thrifted
Toms: Local boutique

My adventures at SLC Pride 2012 were outstanding!  I wore my awesome new blouse which was probably one of the best finds ever.  My mom says it looks like a "grandma shirt" but hey, maybe I like to look like a grandma!  My Toms are about two years old now, and have gone through so much...so please disregard the paint all over them.  And the flag adds a little extra flair, eh?  Check out my look here.

 I went to the festival with my friends Adam, Alice, and Maddie.  Everyone was so, so, SO nice.  Did I say fantastic people watching?  Anyway, I got some rad pictures, and I overcame my fear of asking permission to take peoples' photographs.  Woooohooo!

Anyway, these pictures will speak for themselves!

Last day of school on Thursday!

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