June 10, 2012

Hey, It's Summer

Shirt: Thrifted
Shorts: H&M
Feather earring: Handmade

Good morning everybody.  Guess what! It's finally summertime(:  School got out a few days ago, and I'm so ecstatic.  This shirt is just a lucky find I acquired at a local thrift store called Pibb's Exchange.  I got these shorts at H&M a while ago, and they are amazing.  They are suede, and whenever I wear them, I can't keep my hands off myself.  Okay, that's a bit creepy.  Also, did you notice my bare feet?!  Yeah, I don't like to wear shoes in the summertime all that often.  Let's just say my feet aren't the purdiest things you have ever seen.

I just have to say that I love these photos.  The sun spots/overexposure makes them feel so summery(:  I'm also so excited about the daisies that are blooming in our garden.  Daisies remind me of being a little girl prancing around in the flowers.  Although, when I was a young one, I preferred snakes and dirt.  But still, I love these daisies!

Happy sunday!



  1. The daisies tell the story. Nice outfit. Thanks for posting the pics and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  2. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

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  4. Great look, dear~!
    Love your pants - look perfect on you~!
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