June 16, 2012

Graveyard Ruffles

Listening to this 8tracks mix and writing a blog post is most definitely the highlight of my day.  Adam took these pictures (of me) while I edited them.  Team effort!

Shirt: Vintage JC Penney-thrifted
Dress: Kimchi Blue-thrifted
Booties: thrifted

All of these items were such lucky finds at THE SAME thrift store.  My favorite is definitely the shirt.  It’s a vintage JC Penney blouse.  It’s so much fun to wear because it has little sweatshirt-like ties at the neck.  Although, I usually play with them too much and they distract me from doing normal person things.  The whole “gothic choker-ruffles feel” is really getting to me at the moment.  I love wearing my shirts like this!
At first, this dress reminded me of a figure skater outfit, but then I realized it was way rad.  I know you can’t see it, but it dips down in the back and looks so cool.  The blue outline is so eye catching, and sets it apart from other dresses of its sort.

My second favorite part of this little outfit we have here, is the earrings.  I was rummaging around my mom’s jewelry box when I stumbled upon these fabulous treasures.  She keeps telling me the polish them because the “tarnish looks tacky”.  I completely disagree.  The tarnish makes them look even amazing-er.  Go old silver!
Also, this cemetery is the oldest graveyard in town and by far my favorite place to take photos.  It is where all of the miners were buried and they have the craziest stories.  All of the headstones are absolutely stunning, plus this place is secluded.  I hope it’s not bad luck to hang out at a graveyard, because, well, I’m screwed.




  1. you look like a cool red riding hood or something. i freaking love the xx. check out my blog and follow :)
    xx gabi


    1. thanks, Gabi! the xx is absolutely perfect. by the way, I really like your blog! totally following it(: would you mind following me?